Rare Cancer Stories
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Donate Your Cancer Stories

When I was first diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma, in 1998, I felt alone and afraid.  I was told that my cancer was very rare and that I would be lucky to find someone else with it.  I gathered up my strength and started web-surfing to do just that.  I found a story authored by a women with my disease.  Her name was Nancy and she was my lifeline for over a year.  She shared her own experiences and gave me the courage to go through those things that all cancer patients endure - surgeries, treatments, loneliness, fatigue, and that constant feeling that you have a lead ball in the pit of your stomach.

Your story may do the same thing for a person diagnosed with your own type of pediatric or rare adult cancer.  Please consider allowing us to publish your personal story.  We ask that all submissions follow these guidelines:

Please read and agree to this --> Story Sharing Agreement.
Try to keep the story brief enough to fit on one typed page.
We ask that you not endorse any commercial enterprise or product within your story.
Include your original diagnosis, metastasis, and treatment information.

You may read other stories in this section --> Here to see examples. Please register for our forums to submit your story and read additional stories from others --> Share Your Story Here